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This site is still heavily under development… but it’s slowly getting there.

IFTTT: Spotify playlist to Dropbox – Version 2

This is a post about an IFTTT recipe I made. Not sure what IFTTT is ?

Cloud HQ

Cloud HQ –  How I (automatically) sync all my files across the web.

My Fitbit channel for IFTTT

UPDATE 21/5/14: IFTTT has just released an official fitbit channel. So I recommend everyone uses that. As a result  I will discontinue my version  at the end of this month. Thanks to everyone who tried and particularly those who tested my fitbit channel. I currently have plans for a 3rd party Snapchat Channel. So keep posted :)

A New Design

I did it! – I finally got round to designing my own version of the site.

The Best Blogs Ever

Ok you got me these may not be the best blogs ever, however these are the blogs I’m obsessed with and read every post of.

The Ultimate Free Music Setup

Ultimate Music Cover

How to automatically take a photo of a phone thief

Lockwatch Anti-Theft is an android app that takes a photo using the front facing camera when your passcode is incorrectly entered. It then sends that photo along with the phones’ current GPS location to your email account.

My Awesome Stuff List

Not a bucket list – just a lot like one :P

Update: Spotify playlist to Dropbox

How to update to the latest version of this IFTTT Recipe

Google celebrates your birthday

Google Birthday

How I use IFTTT

After reading Aaron Francis‘ blog post about how he uses Evernote and IFTTT I felt inspired to make this post about how I use IFTTT.

IFTTT: Spotify playlist to Dropbox

New Version now available

Why you should use IFTTT?

IFTTT is an amazing tool. It has made my life online so much easier- *are you sold? *

Why I blog? aka Welcome

Welcome to my Blog :)