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How to update to the latest version of this IFTTT Recipe

Issue Resolved:

Steps to implement fix:

  1. In your IFTTT recipe change the URL field to http://ifttt.jamesstone.com.au/?type=&uri= making sure to change:
  • ?type= to either ?type=full or ?type=exact
  • &uri= to &uri= with your spotify playlist URI appended – example http://ifttt.jamesstone.com.au/?type=full&uri=spotify:user:spotify:playlist:4hOKQuZbraPDIfaGbM3lKI (Top 100 songs on Spotify)

This is a post detailing an issue with the Spotify playlist to Dropbox recipe


The rss file that is generated by yahoo pipes takes to long to load and IFTTT often timesout.


Slowly being developed.Provide a Cache for IFTTT so when IFTTT loads the  rss file it doses’t time out.

How you can help

  1. Keep me posted on any future bugs by leaving a comment
  2. If you know any PHP and are willing to help please leave a comment (I know almost none) 
  • I’m after some PHP code that for an rss file on request:
    • Checks for previous cache of the file
    • If previous cache found:
      • send current cached file ( would be slightly old)
      • then once sent “cached version”
      • get current rss version and update the cache
    • If previous cache not found:
      • get current rss cache
      • send current rss file
      • then once sent loads “live version” to cache


The recipes still work, however they aren’t trigger as frequently as they should be.

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