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UPDATE 21/5/14: IFTTT has just released an official fitbit channel. So I recommend everyone uses that. As a result  I will discontinue my version  at the end of this month. Thanks to everyone who tried and particularly those who tested my fitbit channel. I currently have plans for a 3rd party Snapchat Channel. So keep posted :)

My Fitbit channel for IFTTTis being made – sorry to get your hopes up :/  and i need some people to test it


As we speak I’m currently coding a 3rd party IFTTT channel for Fitbit. It will work by pretending to be a wordpress blog. So unfortunately this channel would prevent the use of the WordPress channel I’m hoping to get the IFTTT channel out in about a month  a week or so ( but that depends on how much help I get :P  )  The first version will only have actions. A future version may be made that has triggers as well.

However, as I don’t really have a use for that ( I don’t own a fitbit) it depends on if I get a fitbit – please see below

Speaking of which if you can donate/ find this project helpful or would like to increase your chance of getting triggers. Please help me buy a fitbit?

How you can help

  • I am after some alpha/beta testers for the fitbit channel Update: anyone interested please go here and leave a comment on the post with any feedback
  • I’m curious about the legal requirements with holding medical/fitness data about individuals from all over the world. Obviously I wouldn’t keep the data for longer then I would be required to. So if you have an expertise in this area please contact me by leaving a comment.
  • Buy me a fitbit. I don’t have the money for one – I’m just a kid

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