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How to get the ultimate free music setup – ok maybe it’s not the ultimate setup, but it’s still pretty cool

Features: Continuous free, legal and unlimited, personally recommended songs that support the artist. – sorry the ended up being a mouthfull

The System

Ultimate Music Diagram

  1. Get an account for each service / download the software
  2. Link them all together
    • Spotify to Last.fm
      • open up Spotify preferences
      • tick scrobble to Last.Fm and enter your Last.Fm details
    • Last.fm to IFTTT to Dropbox
      • IFTTT Recipe: save #free #music to #dropbox  based on your  #last.fm free music recommendations
    • Dropbox to Blockify to Spotify
      • Blockify
      • Open up Blockify  then choose your Dropbox music folder by going Options -> Set Folder

 Extra points

Sync your new Dropbox music folder to your mobile device using an app like MusicDropNPLay for Android or  Tunebox for iOS.

Further Reading

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