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After reading Aaron Francis‘ blog post about how he uses Evernote and IFTTT I felt inspired to make this post about how I use IFTTT.

At present I have 22  IFTTT recipes. Here are some of my favourite.

IFTTT Recipe: Add a random #Wikipedia article to #Feedly every day to increase my knowledge

Lots of my school related recipes are:

IFTTT Recipe: Auto add #class notes to #Evernote. -- #school #uni

IFTTT Recipe: Add #Free #Music to my #Dropbox  -- via #last.fm (but no need for a lastfm account)

IFTTT Recipe: SoundCloud fav to Dropbox folder - MP3 download if available // #soundcloud #download #dropbox

Sync my Services

IFTTT Recipe: When #Facebook profile picture changes, update #Twitter profile picture

Auto post

I try to keep my auto posting recipes to a minimum.  I do this, as I hate browsing through a social network and seeing posts that have obviously been auto posted. Anyway here are my auto posting recipes:

  • Update my Facebook Status “Happy New Year” every year on the 1st of Jan at midnight
  • Update my Facebook Status “Merry Christmas” every year on the 25th of Dec at 11:22 am

Public Recipes

You can view all my public recipes here


How do you use IFTTT? What are your favourite IFTTT recipes?

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