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Welcome to my Blog :)

A little about me

Name: James Stone
Age: 17
Job: Student
Location: Australia


I wasn’t really sure what my first post, my intro post, should talk about. So I have decided to mention why I’m blogging.

I have decided to start blogging for a few reasons but I guess the main reason is my online presence.

Online Presence

Growing up the number of times I have heard the media, school, speakers etc talk about our online image. Particularly about stories where people have lost jobs or failed to get them over their poor digital image. And like most kids my age I’m sick of hearing their message about why we shouldn’t post anything stupid online as it stays “forever”. I disagree with this message. I think they should instead be teaching us how to market ourselves online, to create the best possible digital image.

I think their message is scaring us from contributing to the public web (at least its scaring me!). However I also think that rather than not posting anything online and having a neutral online presence it’s important to have a positive one. So I have decided to take their advice one step further. Rather than not being stupid online, I will try and standout by having a strong positive online presence, that can be used to market myself.

Future Job?

Another key reason why I’m going to blog is for a future job.

At the moment I’m not really sure what job I would like to have. However, I’m leaning towards a career in IT likely one that involves web development. As such I’ve noticed many blogs and portfolio sites of those in the industry where they display all their works. So I’m also planning on using this as a blog as a place to showcase my creations.

Credit where its due

As this is the opening post on this blog, I think it’s important to give credit to the blogs current design. The theme, Decode, is created by Scott Smith. (Edit: 16th Mar 2017, this isn’t actively maintained in the same compacity) However, I’m keen to create my own theme – *I just haven’t had the chance yet *

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I have so far enjoyed creating it

Finally, if you have any questions, suggestions etc please leave a comment or contact me here


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